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About Us


what is an ICO?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, It's the act of raising funds by selling cryptocurrency in exchange for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Features & Advantages of an ICO mechanism:

  • ICO are consolidated same as ordinary cryptocurrency.
  • ICO can be exchanged with cryptocurrency.
  • Transparency of use of funds & can verify it.
  • Early access to a token which has the great potential in growth.

  • ICORockz: Finding the best crypto ICOs projects.

    ICOROCKZ founded in 2018, We are listing the best crypto ICO projects that helps to attract more ICO investors. ICOROCKZ is a platform to provide users reliable information about Pre ICOs, Active ICOs, Upcoming ICOs and Ended ICOs.

    We offer a quick, easy and efficient fundraising method for a firm looking to invest and raise the fund quickly to do easy marketing. We are providing the best opportunity for the users to create new, decentralized business models.

    ICOs are open for doing business 24/7, they are decentralized that provides a very transparent solution to the users and they can touch with the team for best solution.

    The process of joining an ICO.

    To participate in an ICO ,you need to transfer cryptocurrency(BTC,ETH,etc..) to the ICO organizer address, which determines how many new tokens will participant get. Since it is decentralized , each ICO will have different rules set by their ICO organization. In order to understand how exactly an ICO works , It is better to go through white paper(an official document about an ICO).