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Terms of Service

ICOROCKZ.com – Is operating the Website.

Privacy Policy – A set of rules regulating the processing of personal data and privacy protection policies applied against Users by ICOROCKZ and is published, as amended from time to time on the Website.

Subscriber – Any natural person above the age of 18 or legal entity registering their information with the Website and/or making an application for any of the Subscription Services packages;

Subscriber Material – Information, text, graphics, videos, or other material Subscribers are allowed to post, link, store, share and otherwise make available on the Website.

Subscription Services – “Level 1”, “Level 2”, “Level 3” and “ICO at the month” subscription packages offered on the Website and allowing Subscribers - once their application is accepted - to post, publish and make available Subscriber Material on the Website for a specific period of time, as well as “Add Banner”, “Blog Post” and “Tweet” publication services.

Terms and Conditions T&C – These terms and conditions of use, as they are updated from time to time, including any subsequent agreements in writing with the User or the Subscriber, encompassing a set of rules regulating the use of the Website and rights and obligations of icorockz; the Users; and Subscribers; constituting terms and conditions for the provision of access to the Website and services via electronic means.

User – Any person using any of the Site’s functionalities (including Subscribers).
Website – The website made available on the Internet from the address: https://www.icorockz.com/